Log Cabin Care

Wood is a natural material and as such will need some maintenance to keep it looking good and to extend its life. All of our timber (with the exception of the bearers) is supplied untreated so that you can apply whatever finish or colour you would like.

There are a few simple rules to ensure that your log cabin continues to look good and withstand the worst that the British climate can throw at it.


  1. Make sure that the cabin is treated as soon as possible after installation.
  2. Install guttering to make sure that any water is led away from the timber.
  3. Ensure that the base is the correct size to prevent pooling round the cabin and that soil and plants are kept away from the building.
  4. Regularly check and clean the cabin (especially in the spring) and apply additional treatments as necessary.


There are a number of very good quality wood treatments available on the market.

We would recommend that you initially treat with a wood preserver, which will protect against rot and fungal attack.

Once this has been done, you can then apply the final coat/s to give the colour and finish that you want and also to give the wood additional protection against the effects of rain and sun.

If you wish to keep the original look of the wood, then a good quality yacht varnish provides a good finish.

Alternatively, if you wish to add colour, then use a stain that is designed for use with a log cabin, rather than some of the products that are more suitable for sheds and fences.


All of the timber in our log cabins has been kiln dried prior to machining. It will therefore expand and contract dependent on the weather. This may lead to some cracking of the timber but this is normal with a natural product such as wood.

Over a period of time, there will also be some settlement of the timbers, particularly of those that are bearing the weight of the roof. Our cabins are designed to allow this to happen and it will ensure that all of the logs and joints are fitted firmly together.

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