Log Cabin Installation

All our cabins are designed for ease of use and durability and are constructed from high quality materials

We find that many of our customers like to build the cabins themselves; this can be done in most cases with only 2 people and some general household tools. Assembly drawings and component specifications are included within the shipment of each cabin. Scale drawings of each component, including measurements and separate assembly drawings for each wall are all included, along with all component codes meaning that there is little or no chance of making a mistake, or installing the incorrect components in the wrong places. All fixings are included within the cabin price; no further hardware should be required.

If you are not a DIY enthusiast or are simply too busy to have the time then our team of friendly and professional installers are available for your convenience.

Our teams of installers have much experience in construction of timber buildings and will erect the build in your place of choice.

You will need to provide some of the basics, such as a suitable base, safe access to site and somewhere that the materials can be stored whilst assembly is taking place. Our installers will require somewhere to park their vehicle whilst working at your premises, please advise us at the time of booking if parking is likely to be a problem.

The base for your cabin should be at least 100mm bigger than the final construction. It is highly recommended that a concrete base is laid to prevent restriction being applied to the manufacturers guarantee, it is also wise to chamfer the edges which will sit beyond the cabin, so not water can remain on the surface. The importance is that you provide a solid, level and flat base, ideally this should be at least 50mm above ground level to deter damp. Although the foundation beams and floor joists are impregnated to protect from damp the provision of damp proofing should be considered.

A more detailed list of requirements is available and will be sent out to all customers requesting our installation service.

You will not necessarily need to be home for the date of installation, as long as our fitters can gain access. We do ask that you are present once the building is assembled, as our Senior Installer will inspect the building with you and then issue you with a Completion Certificate, stating that the building has been assembled and finished correctly. They will also run over with you instructions on the initial treatment of the building, how to adjust doors and windows if necessary and how to look after it to ensure that it remains looking great and in good condition (see After Care for further information).

Whether you decide to erect the cabin yourself, or use of professional fitters, we instruct that the cabin is installed within 7 days of delivery and protected from rain and damp weather until installed. Failure to erect the building in a timely manner may result in the wood twisting, bowing or swelling. The timber used in the manufacture of the cabins are dried and stored in carefully monitored conditions, although they are built for outdoor use they do require weatherproof treatments. Until treatment is applied there is a risk that the timbers may change due to the variation in atmosphere.

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