Log Cabin Roofing

There are 3 popular options for finishing off the roof and making the building watertight


This is the lowest cost way to cover the roof of your log cabin and is quick and easy to install. The cost for roofing felt for your particular cabin is shown when relevant.


These are the most popular way to finish off the roof of log cabins with pitched roofs. Although they take longer to install, they create the look of traditional shingles, are available in a range of 4 colours and will last much longer than roofing felt, with a 10 year warranty.

Our Bitumen Shingles are manufactured by Shinglas / Mida, and conform to EN 544, are high quality mineral and synthetic reinforcement.

Bitumen Shingles Log Cabins Colours


This is the best option for flat or very shallow pitch roofs. It is supplied as a complete sheet that covers the whole of the roof with sufficient material to lap over to ensure that no water can penetrate.

Our Firestone RubberGard EPDM LSFR  (Low Slope Fire Retardant Roofing Membrane) is one of the best and well known in the industry comes with a 30 year guarantee but will typically last 50 years.

It can be applied to both Pent and flat roof cabins, our kit comes with the glue and sufficient material to cover your cabin.

EPDM log cabin roofing
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